About Caveman Techno:

'Caveman Techno' lives up to its name as a super-exciting, genre-defying musical experience. Melding elements of ancient cultural music with current state of the art technologies such as synth-pads and other electronic instruments, 'Caveman Techno' accurately conveys the human experience.

You will hear not just North American musical elements but rather a global tribal blend of indigenous instrumentation such as Native Flute, Inuit throat-singing (Among which is 'Silla' Juno award nominees), Aboriginal singing and drumming, Didgeridoo from Australia and Santur from ancient Persia. All backed by world-beat percussion and modern Break, Funk, Jazz and Electro-house.

Performing an assortment of gigs (with an assortment of various extremely talented players) such as musical/cultural festivals, museums, galleries and clubs, Caveman Techno stands for heart, unity, musicality, inclusiveness and innovation.



Founding member David Finkle (AKA: 'Fink') is a known felon. His crime? Spreading nasty-funk across the land. Why, the three words to best describe him go as follows and I quote: "Fink...Fank...Funk!" 
A hunter, trapper, fisher and collector of medicines living off the land, Fink helps to bring about the primitive caveman aspect of 'CAVEMAN TECHNO'.
A traditional drum and flute maker, Fink brings about a uniquely organic blend with sweeping ethereal flute melodies and poly-rhythmic bass hypnosis.




Paul Hinger is likely the most well-travelled of the group...spin a globe, throw a dart...and yep...chances are he's been there. Having studied the ancient art of Didgeridoo in Australia and for past 20 years, his private collection of authentic Didgeridoos is probably the largest in Canada.  In all likelihood he's Canada's best Didgeridoo player but don't tell the guy that...cause you'll never meet a guy more grounded and humble. 


One look into this 'Lady of the Lake's' piercing brown eyes and you will become instantly powerless to the bewitching enchantment that is Laura Leonard. Oh yeah...she plays a mean frame-drum and rattles and sings powerfully too...mainly traditional indigenous songs and melodies.

    Tariq 'The Virtuoso' Amery

A graduate from the Bachelor of Music program at Carleton University, Tariq is 'musically delicious'. He has been playing flute since he was six and saxophone since he was fourteen. He’s studied extensively with private teachers in styles ranging from the Suzuki flute method, to twelve tone composition; teachers such as Roddy Elias, Robert Cram of the NAC orchestra, Juno award winner Jesse Stewart, Humber Colleges’ Jeff King and Ottawa local sax guru Mike Tremblay, Toronto Philharmonic’s Christopher Lee, Jane Bunnett, Jazz legend Dave Liebman, Flute-boxer Greg Patillo and the list goes on. Tariq is quite simply a sonic wizard!